FDA Approves Botox For Crow's Feet Treatment


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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week approved Botox Cosmetic for the treatment of crow's feet - the small lines at the edge of the eye. Botox was approved by the FDA over one decade ago for use in treating frown lines. This new approval makes Botox the only FDA approved drug treatment for crow's feet. The drug is also FDA approved for the treatment of chronic migraines, underarm sweat, strabismus, and eyelid spasms.

“This additional indication will provide people with a new FDA approved treatment option for those seeking a smoother appearance by temporarily minimizing the appearance of crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes,” said Dr. Susan Walker, M.D., director of the Dermatology and Dental Products division at the FDA.

Botox works by preventing muscles from tightening, lessening the appearance of wrinkles.. The drug is injected straight into facial muscles. The FDA has stated that it is safe for patients to receive Botox treatments for frown lines and crow's feet at the same time.

Botox treatments for crow's feet were approved after two efficacy and safety studies were conducted on over 800 patients sais to have moderate to severe crow's feet. Though no side effects for crow's feet treatments were mentioned by the FDA, Botox treatment for frown lines has been known to cause adverse effects. Some patients have developed eyelid edema, where eyelids become swollen with fluid.