FBI Raid Hits California State Senator Ron Calderon

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The FBI on Tuesday raided the offices of California State Senator Ron Calderon.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, the 90-minute search is connected to an investigation into the Latino Legislative Caucus. Calderon, the democratic senator representing California's 30th Senate District and the vice chair of the caucus, is reportedly the focus of the investigation.

What exactly the investigation is regarding remains a secret. The FBI has stated that sealed court orders currently prevent it from fully disclosing the nature of the investigation, though a spokesperson did indicate that it began at the FBI's central California branch. The Times reported that the raid started around 8 pm, and FBI agents were witnessed leaving the office carrying boxes full of documents and a "beat-up black briefcase."

An attorney for Calderon has stated that the raid was "improper," that "the government is out of control," and that "they should be ashamed of themselves." The lawyer stated that Calderon will take "appropriate action" to hold the FBI accountable for the raid.

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