Fate of webOS To Be Decided Today


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Last week we brought you news that Hewlitt-Packard’s new CEO Meg Whitman had said in an interview that her company would be deciding the fate of its WebOS mobile operating system soon. It looks like “soon” has become “today,” as PreCentral reported last night that it had received word that the CEO is having a meeting with the webOS team today at 10:30 AM Pacific time.

HP Touchpad

Speculation has raged about what would be done with the company’s mobile division since August, when the HP announced that they were discontinuing all of their webOS devices - the HP TouchPad and their Pre line of smartphones. Assumptions at the time were that webOS was dead, and would likely be sold off. In September, however, CEO Larry Apotheker was kicked out and replaced by Whitman, former head of eBay. She promptly undid some of Apotheker’s more disastrous moves - most notably the plan to spin off HP's computer business - and set about trying to salvage the beleaguered company.

Throughout all of this the fate of webOS, which became HP’s problem when they acquired Palm in April of 2010, has been in limbo. The company has been virtually silent on the operating system since the announcement of discontinuation, though Whitman has been increasingly positive in recent statements, suggesting that the company may plan to revamp its mobile line.

With four hours to go until the meeting starts, everything is still just rumor and speculation at this point. We will bring you more news as it becomes available. Check back this afternoon for more information.

What do you think? Will HP kill webOS for good, or bring it back? Let us know in the comments.