Fast And Furious 7 Delayed But Not Canceled


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After news of Paul Walker's death hit the web, fans, friends and celebrities all mourned his death. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were all flooded with tweets, photo shares and status updates about the beloved actor, his life and death. Many people also wondered how his death would affect the Fast and the Furious 7 film.

Many of the cast members of the film were extremely close to Walker and are having a very hard time dealing with his passing. Rumors that the film would be canceled soon surfaced, but insiders say that the film will only be delayed to allow the actors time to grieve.

Most of the film was complete, and the actors and crew were taking a break from filming over the Thanksgiving holiday. They were scheduled to resume filming soon. Many of Walker's costars, including Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel have said that they are not looking forward to finishing the film and will have a hard time doing so without Walker.

Director James Wan and executives from Universal Studios met and discussed the release date of the film and if it would be changed, as well as what rewrites needed to happen in order to work around the loss of Walker's character.

Walker was the passenger of a Porsche that crashed and burst into flames. He and the driver both perished in the vehicle. Many of the Fast and Furious cast members visited the site of the crash and paid their respects to Walker. The director has not released information about the Fast and the Furious 7 release date.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.