Farrah Abraham Reveals What She Sees On Snapchat

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Farrah Abraham opened up recently about what happens when she's on Snapchat, and said that she's the one who gets "blasted" for being overly sexual when she's not even the one sending naked photos to people.

The Teen Mom star--who released her own porn videos last year under that name, drawing the ire of some of her MTV costars--says she won't even send nude photos of herself to her boyfriend, let alone to strangers on the app.

"Yes, that's the way the world is. I get blasted all the time for people thinking I'm 'oversexual' or I'm a 'porn star' or many other things, but if we were to be real about what the world is about, yes ... I do receive many naked pictures of people. I hear people talking about all sorts of sexual things all the time. To which I don't engage in. At least I'm pretty real and public about things, and I don't hide much. But I definitely am not sending naked photos. I don't even send naked photos to my boyfriend," Abraham said.

Farrah made headlines earlier this week when the finale of Teen Mom OG aired, which showed her trying to force her boyfriend, Simon Seran, to spend time with her daughter Sophia after he told her he wasn't looking for a commitment for at least a couple of years. It did not go well.

"I obviously have a piece of s--t record of boyfriends. I just don’t trust people. If Soph doesn’t like him, we can’t keep dating," Farrah told her friend. What happens if he doesn't like her?" Abraham said. Later, she told Simon, "I’m not waiting two years to get engaged to you. That’s for ugly girls, babe."

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