Farrah Abraham Responds To Criticism Of New Song

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As we reported last week, Farrah Abraham released a new music video for her song Blowin, and let's just say it hasn't been all that well-received.

If you take a look at the video you'll see it's chock-full of clichés. From the actual music--which sounds like every other dance cut these days--to the obligatory shot of Abraham taking a selfie with her friends during a night out on the town.

And then there's the signing....oh boy.

With all of the modern technology out today that makes people sound much better than they really are, it's baffling to know why the studio engineer didn't place even more vocal-effects on Abraham's voice, because clearly she can use all the help she can get.

But bad song and video aside, the Teen Mom star says she's not letting anyone slow down her musical aspirations, not even the huge number of people that have blasted both her and the song.

"I'm blowin all the bullies away," said Abraham. "I work on songs as they come, so I look forward to releasing another single in the future. I try to have all my songs relatable for my daughter in a fun and upbeat way that has a meaning."

And what's the meaning of Blowin to Abraham? She says its about getting space for herself and ignoring outside negative forces.

"It came about when I thought of just getting air and getting away from the negative people in my life," she explained. "The bullies, road blocks...I knew after singing it to my daughter that I should actually pursue making it a real single."

"The lyrics represent my life right now because I've overcome the negativity," she added. "I stepped away and got what I needed to succeed with self-love and a stable environment, which led me to understanding that by just being who I am is all I need in this world. I was happy to share this positive message."

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