Farrah Abraham On Her Awkward "Teen Mom" Return

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Farrah Abraham returned to the world of Teen Mom when she decided to make an appearance on the new series, Teen Mom OG.

But, it seems Farrah Abraham's entry into the show was awkward for her, to say the least, and somewhat infuriating for castmates Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood.

"When I got the call to come back, it was a little bit awkward for me, and I tried to work with them the best that I could," Abraham told Us Weekly while promoting the new series.

She added, "I was just a little bit reluctant because of the progress I made while I was not on the show. I think it's good to be back for Sophia's sake and showing how our lives are to help others. And that's why we're back."

When her co-stars were surprised with the news of Farrah Abraham's return, they weren't thrilled.

In fact, Maci Bookout threatened to quit the show. However, it seems that maybe they can act like adults and get over their differences.

She said of Farrah Abraham's participation, "I'm not going to lie and say I was happy about it. But, I mean, it's something that I guess people will just have to watch on the show. And it has nothing to personally do with Farrah at all. I have no hard feelings towards her whatsoever. "

Catelynn Lowell said of Farrah Abraham, "I think there was a lot of miscommunication about things. Like, I can say that I jumped to conclusions when somebody wrote something that Farrah said about me. We might have different opinions about things, but we are both adults and put your differences aside and just be ok with each other."

That sounds like the ladies of Teen Mom OG just may be able to live peaceably together! But, we've seen these shows before.

Do you think the new Teen Mom OG will be a more mature, grown-up platform or do you think there will still be plenty of drama now that Farrah Abraham is involved?

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