Farrah Abraham Earns Twitter Slam From "Breaking Amish" Star

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Farrah Abraham and former Teen Mom co-star Jenelle Evans have had a longtime back-and-forth feud bubbling on social media, but a comment that Abraham made regarding Evans having another child has brought the wrath of a third party: Sabrina Burkholder, of the reality show Breaking Amish.

It began when Abraham mentioned in an interview that she wouldn't consider having another child at her young age because it only brings the child into a world of hardship.

"In my life women are not continually having babies and putting hardships and having the drama and putting the hardships around their children. I’m really not about living that lifestyle anymore. And I only want to make the best environment for my daughter," she said.

The burn didn't go unnoticed by Evans, but Burkholder quickly jumped in on Twitter and gave her two cents, making reference to Abraham's adult film Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom.

Abraham hasn't commented on Burkholder's post, but it's unlikely she'll take offense; she's already filmed a sequel to that movie and written a series of erotic fiction.

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