Farrah Abraham Disses Jenelle Evans For Criticizing Her Plastic Surgery Makeover

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Farrah Abraham is involved in another feud, but this time it’s with fellow Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans.

Evans recently had an interview with Us Weekly, in which she talks about her surgical procedures and her decision to love her looks and enhance it naturally instead. She revealed that she’s gotten breast augmentation and lip injections in the past, but decided at the last minute to forgo the chin transplant procedure she initially wanted.

Despite her lifelong insecurity about her “pointy” chin, the 24-year-old Teen Mom 2 star stopped short of having the surgery because her boyfriend was reportedly against it.

She approached the clinic of Michael “Dr. Miami” Salhauzer last week to discuss the operation, but Evans said that her boyfriend David Eason did not give her the green light.

“He was totally against it, did not want me getting it done and told me I look completely fine the way I did,” Evans said. “And he was really upset about it for, like, three days.”

Evans also weighed in on Farrah Abraham’s “total body makeover” and proceeded to compliment and diss her at the same time.

“She does look good, but she looks weird compared to what I’m used to seeing her look like in the past,” she said of Farrah Abraham.

Their feud was sparked by a post that Evans wrote on social media site Sulia.com that seemed to refer to Farrah Abraham. "Only 21 years old and went under 3 plastic surgeries already?! That's insane if you ask me!" – an obvious dig at Abraham.

In a brief interview with Rumor Fix, Farrah Abraham fired back at Evans’ comments by reminding everyone that Jenelle got breast implants after she got hers.

Farrah Abraham Slams Jenelle Evans for Snide Comments About her Plastic Surgery Procedures

She also implied that Evans, along with other teen moms on MTV, are “not intelligent.”

"There are lots of teen mothers on MTV who are very not intelligent. And I'm one [Teen Mom cast member] who really works hard, who really educated myself and really cares about people," Farrah Abraham said.

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