Farrah Abraham: Did She Push Too Hard for Boyfriend Simon Saran to Bond With Daughter Sophia?

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Farrah Abraham may have pushed her boyfriend, Simon Saran, a bit too hard in the season finale of Teen Mom OG. It seems the former porn star and plastic surgeon wannabe really wants her boyfriend to bond with her daughter, Sophia.

At one point during the Teen Mom OG episode, which aired on Monday, Farrah Abraham pushed little Sophia a bit too hard as well--and for the same reason.

The scene takes place as Farrah Abraham and Sophia are driving Simon Saran to the airport. Sophia asks Simon to sit in the backseat with her. When he doesn't seems particularly enthused by this idea, Farrah suggests that an MTV producer drive them while all three of them--Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham, and Sophia--sit in the back together.

Here's how the scene plays itself out.

"Babe, do you feel like I'm pushing you too much to be with Soph?" Farrah Abraham asks Simon, who just keeps shaking his head no.

"I feel like he's tricking me!" Sophia declares.

"Yeah he's all nice then he's whiney," Farrah agrees.

"Yeah, well I have my crazy moments, so…" Simon trails off.

When Sophia falls asleep on her mom's lap, and Farrah Abraham picks her daughter up and forces her onto Simon's lap, it becomes quite clear she's pushed the issue way beyond its boundaries.

"Babe, why are you forcing this? Let her relax!" a rather fed-up Simon Saran exclaims.

Is Farrah Abraham trying to groom Simon to be Sophia's new daddy? If she is, it certainly doesn't appear as though Simon is even remotely interested in taking the bait.

Might this be the beginning of the end for Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran?

Fans will have to wait until the next season of Teen Mom OG to find out.

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