Farrah Abraham Desperately Wants To Get Married, Scares Off Boyfriend

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Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham seems hell-bent on getting engaged to her new boyfriend that she hasn’t stopped to think whether it’s a good idea –or if the other party is amenable to it.

And she’s not the only one with wedding bells on her mind. Fellow Teen Mom Maci Bookout has also been pushing long-time boyfriend Taylor McKinney to put a ring on it.

In the series’ season finale, Maci and her partner went house hunting and ring shopping. They were able to secure the house but Taylor held back on the proposal and instead told viewers to “stay tuned.”

While it’s understandable for Maci to want to take the next step with her baby daddy, Farrah’s campaign to get her new boyfriend to propose to her is sadly bordering on desperation, especially when he’s obviously just interested in something else.

In a move that she probably thought would get the relationship ball moving, the sex toys developer literally pushed her beau Simon Seran to bond with her daughter Sophia.

Unfortunately, the two didn’t really hit it off and viewers were treated to all the awkwardness.

Sophia didn’t make things easier for her mother when she complained about Simon trying to trick her or when she tried to strangle her mom’s boyfriend with his seatbelt.

And as if things weren’t squeamish enough, Farrah placed her sleeping daughter on Simon’s lap. His reaction clearly showed he wasn’t too happy with it and even told her to let things progress naturally.

Unfortunately, that seems to be a concept the 23-year-old mom obviously doesn’t understand.

When Simon told her he needs two years before he considers getting serious with someone, the adult film actress tells him that “I’m not waiting two years to get engaged to you. That’s for ugly girls, babe.”

That probably freaked him out so much that by the end of the episode he seemed to have booked out for good.

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