Farrah Abraham Calls ‘Teen Mom OG’ Costar Catelynn Lowell ‘White Trash’

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  1. Nanners says:

    Erotic novelist….lol.

  2. at least Catelynn didn’t resort to porn to try to become a celebrity. Catelynn and Tyler are actually the best out of the entire group of “Teen Moms”- Where you grow up or how you live doesn’t make you trashy-Farrah had a good upbringing..yet she smells like a landfill!

  3. youreretarded says:

    And everybody is talking about farrah. job well done.

    1. Barbara Robertson says:

      Everyone talks about farrah but not in a good way. She is pure trash….don’t know what color she is…but EVERYONE knows she is the one who is trash. Anyone can have anal sex on camera but most would not stoop that low. Even Playboy laughed at her. She thinks she is pretty now but to be honest, she looks like crap. She still looks like a horse and maybe more like one now. She has NO personality and talks to all like she is superior to them., yet says the stupidest things I have ever heard. She treats her parents horribly. There is NOTHING admirable about her!! She is a joke in every way. Plastic surgery will not fix her, nor her face!! She looks like a mix between Octo Mom and Mr Ed, the talking horse!! Truth be known, her babies daddy is probably thanking God he didn’t end up with her. She does not realize it now, but trust me, she will pay a price when her daughter gets into her teen years. She will get back all she is giving her parents plus alot more as her parents did not do porn and speak as she does with no repect for anyone. I will not watch the episodes of Teen Mom OG with her on there because if I want to be depressed, I can clean house….she is not cute, funny, or a good mom!! Sorry to say but her daughter will be full of resentment and throw all this pron crap back at her!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT FARRAH!! THE WEB IS FOREVER AND THIS WILL FOLLOW HER DAUGHTER AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!! At least Amber admits she has problems and is trying very hard to be the person she SHOULD be and has not altered her face or done porn. Her daughter will not resent her or be embarrassed by her. Amber is just working her way through some personal problems and her anger. That is normal and she is getting therapy….smart girl!! Farrah’s life is pure trash…and will continue to be because she is a so in love with herself she can admit to no wrong…she uses excuses to justify a life of complete trash. She really thinks any man would want her??? *vomit* Guess she thinks she will be KK…not hardly!!

  4. WhoTF***Cares? says:

    Let’s talk about trash. Anal sex vid, stripper, terrible singer… Bitch you are the epitome of trash.

  5. California King says:

    jew trash. eye for an eye

  6. sandie says:

    MTV made a mistake by allowing that Skank Slut Farrah back on the show!! Refuse to watch MTV at all because they brought a Greedy Whore who is only on the show for MONEY!!! CPS need to take her daughter away from that Skank. She does not even Love her daughter. She is mean to her. Plucks a child’s eyebrows, spray tans her. Next she will have her kid making a SEX TAPE!!! She IS TRUE WHITE TRASH!!!

    1. Barbara Robertson says:

      ummm..she’s not white…she’s mixed!! She is just plain ole trash!!

  7. Angela Petry Huwig says:

    Well I would rather be white trash than a nasty whore…..So……….

  8. lspiderl says:

    I dont watch this garbage but I would say the woman that took it in the ass on camera for money has no room judging someone else

  9. Flyinirish33 says:

    Now isn’t that a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black – HA!!! Just goes to show . . . trash comes in all colors!!

  10. carol mattauch says:

    You Got Alot Of Nerve Calling Anybody Names You Nasty Ass Skank ! Put A Big Dick In Your Mouth & Stfu Already !

  11. keeping it real says:

    somebody needs to take a step back and have a good long look at themselves before calling somebody else white trash and fake

  12. Aisha says:

    A bitch makes 1 sex tape and she think she running things lol. Farrah is so damn delusional that she is not worth the other girls getting mad at her. If you ignore the crazies, they will go away.

  13. Lewis Hasty says:

    the jewish anal porn star called someone else trash??? How retarded is the anal whore???

  14. Leviathan61 says:

    Farrah is a product of her upbringing. Her Mom is a drama queen and so is Farrah. Most of the shows with her depicted her as a spoiled brat, with NO appreciation or respect for her folks. Caitlyn and Tyler won my respect by being level-headed and choosing a hard option to make sure that their daughter had a proper upbringing. Farrah is still floundering around. Fake boobs and plastic surgery only cover the ugliness outside, Farrah.

  15. Joy says:

    I read the article and then I Googled the term “white trash”….here it is:

    White trash is a derogatory American English term referring to poor white people, especially in the rural South of the United States, suggesting lower social class and degraded standards of living. The term suggests outcasts from respectable society living on the fringes of the social order, who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for authority whether it be political, legal, or moral.[1] The term is usually a slur, but may also be used self-referentially by working-class whites to jokingly describe their origins or lifestyle.
    What stuck out most was Lower Social Class, living on the fringes of the social order, dangerous because thy may be criminal, Unpredictable and Without respect for authority.
    These traits IMO better describe Farrah who clearly has lower social class morals (sorry if anyone offended by this description….blame Google) living on the fringes of the social order (most of us would work 2 or 3 jobs before taking off our clothes and boinking someone for money) without respect for authority…I have yet to witness a respectful exchange between her and her mother. She has absolutely no respect for her mom and her poor baby girl is starting to display the same behaviors.

  16. Tori says:

    Farrah’s actions and comments are so outrageous that I’m actually at a point where I feel sorry for her. She is so screwed up. It think Farrah is very alone. Her family is crazy and she doesn’t have any real friends. I think she feels she needs fame to make herself feel important.

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