SEC Sues Binance and Founder Changpeng Zhao

The SEC has filed a suit against Binance, its various entities, and founder Changpeng Zhao, claiming they are guilty of a “calculated evasion of the law.”

EU Pushes For Companies to Label AI-Generated Content

The European Union is pushing for Google, Meta, and other companies to label AI-generated content in an effort to combat misinformation.

Apple Introduces Vision Pro, ‘A Revolutionary Spatial Computer’

Apple kicked off WWDC with a bang, introducing its highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) platform, calling it a “revolutionary spatial computer.”

Microsoft Kills Cortana for Windows in Favor of Windows Copilot

Cortana’s days as the AI assistant for Windows are over as the company pivots to its Bing-powered Windows Copilot.

Cracking the Code to Learning and Development

How can you tell if your learning and development programs are effective for your business? Read more in the article below.

Reddit Is Reportedly Retaliating Against Planned Protesters

Reddit is reportedly retaliating against those planning a protest against the company’s recent policy change, blocking their accounts.

Meta Is Testing Canadian News Blocking

Following through on threats to block news in Canada if Bill C-18 passes, Meta is randomly testing measures on a smaller percentage of users.

Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety Has Resigned

Twitter has lost its second head of trust and safety since Elon Musk’s takeover, with a report that Ella Irwin has resigned.

Meta Announces RTO Mandate

Meta is the latest company to announce a return-to-office (RTO) mandate, saying employees must RTO at least three days a week.

Cybersecurity Issues: The World’s Largest Data Breaches

Learn more about what’s new in the cybersecurity threat world – examine the world’s largest data breaches below.