Far Cry 3 to Get New Difficulty Level, Outpost Reset

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Though Far Cry 3 ended up on many 2012 best-of lists, it hasn't seemed to be Ubisoft's focus. Instead, the publisher has been touting its new Assassin's Creed III alternate history DLC and appeasing upset Wii U Rayman fans.

This week, though, an Ubisoft developer over on the Uplay forums revealed that, although there hasn't been any true post-release DLC, the game will be getting some quality-of-life upgrades that may tide gamers over until future DLC is announced.

Perhaps the most vital upgrade the game will get is the ability to reset outposts. The option will allow players to set all outposts to hostile, as if they had never been taken over. They can then be re-taken, allowing gamers to experiment with different strategies and abilities. Also, if players are finding outpost-taking a little too easy now that all of their skill trees are filled, a new "Master" difficulty setting could be just the challenge they need.

For multiplayer content, Ubisoft will be revamping the feedback system for user-created maps and adding beta map testing and a spectator mode for map-making. The player kick for being idle in custom and private matches matches will also be removed.

These features will be released in "upcoming patches," and no dates have been announced. It's likely that these changes will hit PC versions of Far Cry 3 first, and come to consoles once they go through approval processes.

(via Joystiq)

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