Far Cry 3 Release Date Pushed Back to December

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Ubisoft announced today that the release of Far Cry 3 will be delayed until December 4 in the U.S. The title will be released in Europe on November 29. These dates are for all versions of the title, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

"We're taking more time to create the best possible gameplay experience," said Dan Hay, producer at Ubisoft. "Far Cry 3 is a huge offering and we want every element of this insane, action-packed adventure to be of the highest possible quality for the players."

With this announcement, Ubisoft joins much of the gaming industry in delaying a highly anticipated title. Take-Two Interactive earlier this year kicked off the great delay party of 2012 by announcing BioShock Infinite's delay to February 2013. Not wanting to be left out, Square-Enix didn't wait a week before delaying the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise to next year. Sega then jumped on the bandwagon, delaying Aliens: Colonial Marines until February 2013. Most recently, THQ cancelled a planned expansion of Saints Row: The Third in order to place the content into a new Saints Row game that is currently scheduled for a 2013 release.

So, things could be worse. December 4 isn't February 2013, and it isn't the mystical promise of "sometime" in 2013. The Far Cry 3 footage shown at E3 was impressive and the game should sell well this Holiday season, assuming it isn't delayed any further, of course.

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