Far Cry 3 Goes Cheap In Third Week Of PlayStation Holiday Sale


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Over the past two weeks, Sony has shown that it can almost compete with Steam when it comes to sales thanks to two rounds of discounts on some excellent PS3 and PS Vita games. In its third week of sales, Sony will be discounting some of the very best games of 2012 and 2013, including Far Cry 3.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed that its third week of sales will include games like Far Cry 3, Guacamelee, God of War Ascension, Knytt Underground and more. It's a decent collection of AAA blockbusters and the smaller indie titles that have made the last two years such an excellent time to be a gamer.

The only downside to this week's sale is that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is not discounted. If you haven't checked out Far Cry 3 yet, you really should. It's just a little disappointing the DLC that turned out to be better than the game its based on isn't included.

Here's the full list of discounted games:

Far Cry 3 Goes Cheap In Third Week Of PlayStation Holiday Sale

If you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member, Sony has a few more extras planned for you guys this week. First, the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer trial can be downloaded by Plus members starting on Tuesday. Sony says that this will give Plus members a head start when the free trial goes live on December 28.

The other bonus is this week's free game - Dyad. If you're unfamiliar with the title, just know that it's a psychedelic racer that prides itself on its trippy visuals. Here's a trailer:

[Image: ubisoft/YouTube]