FairSearch Asks Congress, DOJ To Challenge Google-ITA Deal

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Whether you agree or disagree with its cause, FairSearch, the organization that exists for the sole purpose of stopping Google's acquisition of ITA Software, deserves credit for its resolve.  Today, FairSearch addressed letters to every member of Congress, asking them to contact the Department of Justice.

One small clarification (and another point in FairSearch's favor) before we go any further: FairSearch actually sent the letters to the Commerce, Judiciary, and Technology staffers for every Congressperson, which showed a sort of respect for the chain of command.  Plus, it increased the odds the letters wouldn't get lost in a pile of complaints about taxes.

Anyway, part of the form letter, which a FairSearch representative passed on to WebProNews, stated, "Given Google's market power in general search and its pattern in other markets, including books, video, display advertising, mobile advertising, shopping, and maps, this deal should be subject to intense scrutiny.  We believe that Google should not be allowed to enter a market in a way that simultaneously undermines the ability of other competitors to provide quality products to consumers and continue to innovate themselves."

Then the final paragraph concluded, "Currently, the Justice Department is investigating Google's proposed acquisition of ITA.  For the sake of travel consumers in your state, we encourage you to protect innovation and consumer choice in online travel by calling on the Justice Department to challenge this acquisition."

It should be interesting to see if any lawmakers - or Googlers, for that matter - respond to FairSearch's request.

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