Facebook Users Set Up Fan Group(s) for Suicide Pilot

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Update: Ok, make that multiple Facebook groups...(via Business Insider)

Original Article: By now, you've probably heard the news that Joseph Andrew Stack intentionally flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas. He appeared to have left a rant at EmbeddedArt.com before he did it, but the site has since been taken offline, and replaced with the following message:

This website has been taken offline due to the sensitive nature of the events that transpired in Texas this morning and in compliance with a request from the FBI. To see an archived version of the original letter, please go here: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2010/0218102stack1.html. Please visit our forum if you wish to discuss anything related to this incident: Texas crash pilot left suicide note on Web site - embeddedart.com.

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Stack has already had a Facebook Fan Group set up in his "honor" by people admiring what he has done. At the time of this writing, it already has over 160 fans. Some on the page are praising what he did, while others are calling him and his fans names. Social media at its finest.

Stack Facebook Group

On an interesting side note, Google doesn't appear to be displaying its real-time search results for "Austin" or "Texas". I just find this slightly odd, being how it is one of the day's biggest news stories. To be fair, the results do show up for queries like "IRS", "plane", and "crash". This shows another example of where the feature still has some room for improvement.

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