Facebook, Twitter Get Smacked Down In Geeky Rap

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Geeky rap artist, self proclaimed logic promoter, skeptic, and advocate for politiccal change Dan Bull is back with a couple of social media-oriented raps that ask some interesting questions about Facebook and Twitter.

For one, what the hell is wrong with Facebook chat? Oh, they supposedly fixed it? Ok, you're right, it does works much better than it used to. That doesn't stop this rhyme from taking a pretty funny look at what can happen when some parts of a chat message don't get sent:

Attempting a Facebook chat's neverending
It says this forever:
exactly after you've said something regretful it's essential it gets corrected, like:
I was chatting to my friend and said this:
Let's get together for a bevie this weekend
But because it only sent the first section
He gets the impressions there's sexual tension

Check out Bull's takedown of some common Facebook gripes below:

And he keeps the same beat going for a dissection of Twitter too:

You might know Dan Bull from his various protests of internet censorship. His anti-SOPA rap went viral with the simple plea: "Do not motherf*cking censor the motherf*cking internet you motherf*cking motherf*ckers. Rather eloquent, I do believe.

He also took on the whole Megaupload takedown, where he asked how all the links to his album all over the web being dead really helps him in any way?

Although Bull's latest two raps take on some of the inanities of social netoworking, he can't help tie it into the current CISPA battle:


[h/t Mashable]
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