Facebook Comments Result in 30 Person Street Fight


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A sign of the times: A huge all-female brawl recently broke out on the streets of Sacramento, California as a result of someone posting comments on Facebook. Although police have no idea what, exactly, prompted the fray, a few people are claiming that the entire showdown was preplanned. It would have made for an awesome pay-per-view battle, I'm sure.

This curious event may have transpired over a suggestive post left on a husband's Facebook page, claims Sacramento Police Department Officer Michele Gigante.

"People shouldn’t be posting their business on Facebook," said one witness.

Amen to that.

According to reports, women were ready to throw down as soon as they arrived. Some of them used fists, while others were happy to whack people about the head and neck with baseball bats. One individual even used a broken candleholder from a nearby memorial as a weapon. Two people were admitted to area hospitals for injuries they received as a result of the fight.

The incident is still under investigation.

The sad thing is that I would have paid good money for front row seats.