Facebook Picks a NCAA Tourney Winner Based on Team Buzz

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There's no telling who's going to be left standing in a couple weeks when the NCAA tournament comes to a close. This season has been a showcase of true parity, with a bunch of good teams but no standout dominating presence. This could lead to one of the more exciting tournaments in recent memory.

We hope.

Since it's all up in the air anyway, we might as well look at some alternative methods of choosing our winners. Earlier this week, we told you that LinkedIn had picked its national champion based on a 'dedication score.' They chose Gonzaga.

Now it's Facebook's turn. Their bracket is based on the buzz each team received in the weeks leading up to Selection Sunday.

In the Final Four, Facebook has Duke, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Indiana. From that, Duke and Michigan advance. In the end, the Duke Blue Devils end up taking the title. Facebook says that Duke was the "most-hyped" team leading up to Selection Sunday, and that's why they're giving them the title.

I'd say that this signifies fan support, and we all know that this is vital for any team to advance in the NCAA tourney. But when you're talking about a team like Duke, there's a pretty good chance that the "buzz" is anything but support.

As a UK fan, this whole notion that Duke may win the NCAA tournament can go straight to hell. Anyway, here's Facebook's data:

Are you watching the NCAA tourney? Are you also following the social media response on Facebook or Twitter? What do you think of Facebook's bracket? Let us know in the comments.


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