Facebook Mentions App Opens to Verified Profiles

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Facebook Mentions, the company's app for celebrities, is becoming a little less exclusive.

Starting today, Mentions is available to anyone with a verified profile.

"People love reading articles from and connecting with their favorite journalists and public figures on Facebook. Today, we’re making Facebook Mentions and Live available to public figures with verified profiles to help them engage their followers and interact with their peers," says Facebook.

Facebook first launched the Mentions app for public figures back in July of 2014. Facebook calls it “a better way for actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers to stay in touch with their fans and the people and things they care about." It basically allows celebs to filter out the noise and better manage their pages.

Last month, Facebook added livestreaming capabilities to the app in order to compete with the surging Periscope (Twitter-owned) and Meerkat.

If you're a public figure and you think you should be verified, you can apply for that here. Then you can enjoy Mentions and live streaming. You're probably not a public figure, however, but maybe all of us will someday get livestreaming capabilities.

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