Facebook Idiot Photographs a Pile of Cash, Gets Robbed


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You've probably seen him before. Some guy, who probably looks like Scumbag Steve, flashes a wad of cash on Facebook to show everyone what an idiot he is. At webpronews we love it when people act stupid on Facebook. Mostly its criminals just begging to get caught, either by posting pictures of themselves committing a crime, or actually logging on to Facebook while they are commiting a crime.

This instance is a little different. This time the victim makes the stupid mistake, begging criminals to come rob her.

It seems a girl in south-eastern Australia was so impressed with her grandmother's life savings that she posted a picture of it on Facebook. Bad Idea. Her family became the victims of a home invasion later that day.

The 17-year-old was assisting her grandmother in counting her savings, when she snapped a photo of the money piled up in one heap. She then posted the photograph of the "large sum of cash " on her Facebook timeline at around 4PM.

At 11:30 PM, two masked men, armed with a knife and club, forced their way into her mother's home and demanded the money they saw in the photo. The girl's mother explained to them that she now longer lived there, and the photo must have been taken elsewhere. They did not get the money, but they did trash the home looking for it, and made off with some cash that the family had on them along with other household valuables.

The girl must have had her former home address listed on her Facebook info page and did not have her privacy settings changed to prevent everyone from viewing it.

Let that be a lesson to those who don't care about their Facebook privacy settings.

If you are a teenage girl living with her elderly grandmother, it is probably not a good idea to let everyone know where you live, and that you have large sums of cash laying around your house.

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[via: TheVerge]