Facebook: 2 Simple Reasons Folks May Drop It in 2014

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Facebook has become like the U.S. government: everyone is somewhat dependent on it in some way; and everyone hates it for some reason. Lots of folks are talking about dropping or at least scaling back their Facebook use. This is not a new topic, of course, But here are a few reasons why 2014 may finally be the time to pull the trigger.

It Could Make You Look Like an Idiot

2013 was the year of the bullcrap story. Facebook has always been known as a breeding ground for political opinions and rumors that could not pass the Snopes test. But nowadays we're all getting buffaloed with stories that rang true, even got major media coverage, but turned out to be not quite what they seemed.

Remember that gay waitress who got no tip and a rude note from a Christian customer? Did you ever hear the rest of the tale?

Did you accidentally spread a pregnancy rumor this year? How about a resurrection rumor? A sex-change rumor?

It's easy for anyone to get duped, even in the Information Age. But Facebook bypasses all verification and sends rumor into overdrive.

No One Would Blame You

Personal contact is back in vogue - We're all tired of the impersonal feel of likes and pokes. It's time to get back to being real people. For crying out loud, at least send a text.

Facebook drove its own nail into that coffin, raising the height of the wall around its garden, when they replaced the email address you initially put on your profile with one of their own. Trouble is, Facebook's so-called "inbox" has none of the features of any bona fide email service. Notifications are spotty, there is no tagging or folder options, and you can't leave an "away" message. Go back to your profile and put your real email address back in there. Then take your conversation away from the spying eyes of Facebook. Google is spy enough.

FB has passed its must-have stage. If you decided to drop it, but let it be known that you were accessible by other means, your friends would not revolt. One idea is to keep your account, set your visibility to "Friends Only", then make a profile pic that announces your (real) email address to your friends. Then you can say, "Sayonara!" for weeks at a time. Facebook will email you with new friend requests or direct messages. The freedom of unplugging is exhilarating.

An Alternative To Going Cold Turkey

One thing that lots of people are trying is to take a Facebook Hiatus for a week at a time. See how your life feels. If you're still not old enough to pay for your own car insurance, it may feel like hell. But if your priorities are a bit more adult, you just may find Facebook feels just as "greasy kids' stuff" as Myspace of old.

Have you cut the apron strings from FB? Let us know in the comments.

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