F.E.A.R. Creators Announce New Game, 'Betrayer'


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A new indie video game studio named Blackpowder Games today announced that it is developing a new game titled Betrayer. With the recent rise of the indie market, that wouldn't normally be big news, but Blackpowder is made up of developers who worked on the No One Lives Forever series and the original F.E.A.R. at development studio Monolith.

Betrayer will be what Blackpowder describes as a "first-person action adventure game" for the PC. It will be set in the year 1604, at a struggling English colony in Virginia. Players will use various weapons (musket, crossbow, axe, etc.) to explore the colony for survivors, battle ghosts, and uncover its mysteries. As seen in the stark image above and the teaser trailer below, the game features a black-and-white art style punctuated with swathes of red:

Rather than introduce yet another indie video game Kickstarter campaign to gamers, Blackpowder has decided to use a Minecraft-style release and pricing scheme. Betrayer will be available in an early form on Steam Early Access starting August 14.