Evi Quaid, Husband Randy Quaid Released from Vermont Jail, Will Address Charges in California

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Randy and Evi Quaid were released from jail in Vermont on Thursday, where they spent the past week behind bars. The two were arrested while trying to enter the U.S. by way of Vermont. They plan to stay in Vermont for a while, as Evi Quaid's elderly father lives there and is ailing.

Randy Quaid, an actor known for roles in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Kingpin, and Independence Day, is practically unrecognizable from his Hollywood days, sporting a long beard and long white hair as he left the courtroom Thursday with Evi Quaid by his side. Evi Quaid was a Hollywood director when the two met.

"What a great judge," Evi Quaid told reporters as they left the courtroom. "Totally fair. This is Vermont. This is why we crossed the border into Vermont. I knew that the people of Vermont, the judge...understand us."

It was back in 2010 when Randy and Evi Quaid fled to Canada after they were charged with felony vandalism in Santa Barbara. The two had been living as squatters in the guest house of a property they once owned. Determined that "Hollywood star whackers" were out to kill them, they sought asylum in Canada, but he was ultimately turned down. Evi Quaid was granted citizenship because her father was born there. Canada was set to deport Randy Quaid on October 14th.

The judge who released Randy and Evi Quaid on Thursday did so because there was "no probable cause to continue holding them."

"He has connections here," his lawyer said. "He has family here. He has a father-in-law who's ill he wants to help here."

Both Randy and Evi Quaid have long appeared delusional. It's uncertain if drug abuse and/or mental illness is involved. Randy Quaid is the brother of actor Dennis Quaid.

It will certainly be interesting to learn if Randy and Evi Quaid return to California to face the charges brought against them back in 2010. The courts there are reportedly planning to extradite the couple.

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