Every Xbox One In Europe Will Come Bundled With FIFA 14 [Rumor]


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Microsoft has gone a long way in making sure that the bad reputation the Xbox One earned at E3 has been largely forgotten. Sure, people are still sore that Microsoft even attempted such inane policies, like having to check in online every 24 hours, but the reversal of these policies has most gamers warming up to them again. So, how does Microsoft entice those gamers that have sworn off the Xbox One forever? How about a free game?

MCV recently heard a rumor that Microsoft has teamed up with EA to offer FIFA 14 as a pack in title with every Xbox One sold in Europe. The Xbox One/FIFA 14 bundle would cost the same as the regular Xbox One thus making the £429.99 console look a little more appealing when stacked up against the much cheaper PS4.

If true, this would be a genius move on the part of Microsoft. No matter how many policies it reverses on, it can't reverse on the price of the Xbox One unless it takes Kinect out of the equation. That's not going to happen, so the PS4 will, by default, remain the most obvious choice based on price alone. When you pack in a free copy of FIFA 14, however, Microsoft's console becomes much more attractive.

It's unknown whether or not the FIFA 14 rumor has anything to do with Microsoft's pledge to include a game with every Xbox One sold in the eight European territories that recently had their Xbox One launch date pushed back from November until early 2014. The rumors make it sound like the FIFA 14 offer will be available to all European countries so those gamers in the eight countries not getting it may end up getting two games next year.

Either way, we'll find out more tomorrow as the rumors state Microsoft will make the announcement at Gamescom. The event, which takes place in Germany, is very much focused on the European market, and it would be the perfect stage to take some wind out of Sony's sail before it announces the launch date of the PS4.