Every Grisly Death From Game of Thrones Season 2 [VIDEO]

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HBO's landmark series Game of Thrones features a superb script adapted from George R.R. Martin's epic novels - one that is acted very well by the talented cast. It features a magnificent score and heart-stopping effects. And it's fearless, having proven that with a couple of plot twists that attempted to advance the storyline with the unfortunate risk of alienating some of the viewers.

Oh, and it's really bloody violent and full of graphic sex.

We've already covered the sex part, as earlier in the summer we brought you every single scene involving sex or nudity in the first two seasons combined. Now, since that's been taken care of, let's move on the violence.

Behold; all the awesome death scenes from season two of Game of Thrones, as compiled and mix by Vimeo user Doctor Roboto. That song you'll hear in the background is "Microphone Effect" from Rage Against the Machine. [NSFW]

[via Topless Robot]
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