Evernote Food Now Available On Android


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Evernote is mostly known for its note-taking software on PCs and mobile devices, but the company dabbles in a little bit of everything. To perhaps compete with Foodspotting, Evernote Food came to be. The service allows users to take pictures and provide captions to the important food in their life. It's essentially a way to catalog all the food that you like and would like to eat again.

Evernote Food has been available for some time on iOS, but it's now available on Android. It's the same experience that you get on iOS, but those on Android have not had a chance to try it out. Is it every bit as good as Foodspotting or is it just a mere imitator that brings nothing more to the table?

Just like with Foodspotting, Evernote Food is all about taking pictures. Whenever you eat, you are encouraged to take a picture of it with Evernote. Whereas Foodspotting is all about the experience of eating out somewhere and sharing where you ate with friends, Evernote Food is much simpler. Sure, you can catalog the food you ate at some fancy sushi place, but you can do the same for a home cooked meal.

That's the core difference between the two services. Foodspotting is a social network centered around food, whereas Evernote Food is a personal food assistant. They both do very similar things, but there is a large difference between the two as well.

Of course, you may want to use Evernote Food like Foodspotting. You can do that too since Evernote Food utilizes Foursquare for location-based food tagging. If you got a restaurant and want to remember exactly what you had for next time you go, take a picture of the dish and tag it with the restaurant using Foursquare.

Another advantage that Evernote Food has going for it is that it syncs up with the entire family of Evernote apps. If you use a lot of Evernote apps, the meals you capture will display related notes that it thinks might be of interest to you. You may have written the recipe for a meal down on Evernote and Evernote Food will provide instant access to said recipe when looking at the meal created with it.

Evernote Food on Android took a little longer in the oven because it takes advantage of Share Intents. This means that Evernote Food can share meals with any social app on Android. It's already been built to create a Web version of the meal to share with whoever has the URL.

It's unfortunate that Android users have to wait a while longer when it comes to high profile apps, but the wait is usually worth it. The unique sharing features of the Android operating system lends itself to the creation of apps that can share more. If you want to grab Evernote Food, you can do so now on Google Play. If you're an iPhone user that has yet to grab it, it's also available on the iTunes App Store.