Even More Xbox One Updates Previewed


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It appears that Microsoft's all-in strategy for Titanfall exclusivity might have paid off. The game's early community seems solid and Microsoft has revealed that last week - Titanfall's launch week - saw the highest average Xbox Live usage since the Xbox One was launched.

The road to the Titanfall launch was not smooth, though, as Microsoft rushed to update its console with multiplayer and streaming features in the weeks before the launch. The company issued two major Xbox One software updates in February and March. Features such as hard drive management and badly-needed updates to the console's party chat system.

Today Microsoft revealed that it isn't done making big changes to its Xbox One software. The company will be pushing another large update sometime in April.

This next update will introduce a game save progress bar to better surface game save and app update status. GameDVR video quality is expected to improve through a new compression algorithm that is being developed. And, of course, Microsoft is also promising that the voice and gesture controls for the Kinect will improve after the patch.

In addition to these features Microsoft is promising still more changes to the console's friends list. Friends who are currently in multiplayer sessions will be identified as such and friends' most popular apps will also be surfaced. More importantly, Xbox One users will be able to get notifications when their friends log on to Xbox Live.

That last friends list feature is one that Microsoft is implementing due to user request. The requests came from Xbox One owners who signed up to beta test the party chat update in late February.

Microsoft will be continuing the beta into the future and will even expand it. More invitations to preview early Xbox One software will be sent out soon. In addition to an early look at the software, Microsoft promises that it will use the beta group to experiment with new features and UI elements such as notifications, discoverability, and more.