Eve Plumb, Of 'Brady Bunch' Fame, Returns To TV With 'Grease: Live Cast'

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The Brady Bunch star Eve Plumb will be singing along with the cast of Fox’s Grease: Live as she plays the role of teacher, Mrs. Murdock.

Eve Plumb is best known for her role as middle child Jan Brady on the ‘70s ABC TV series The Brady Bunch. Plumb appeared on various TV shows and films in the last 50 years. She has been acting since she was six years old when she first appeared in a fabric softener ad.

Eve Plumb Played Jan Brady on the Iconic TV show 'The Brady Bunch'

Plumb will take on the role of Mrs. Murdock, the owner of the garage where the T-Birds work on their “Greased Lightning” car. Appearing in a musical show is nothing new for the versatile actress as she has already done some musical theater.

“I played Sandy in a production of ‘Grease’ that Fran Drescher produced,” says Eve Plumb. She admitted that she “actually came to singing and dancing really late” and it took her some time to feel comfortable with it but it helped her land several musicals.

Eve Plumb Talks About Joining the Cast of 'Grease: Live'

Mrs. Murdock was originally played by Alice Ghostly in the John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John film. With her experience in TV and theater, it became easy for Plumb to adjust for the live musical telecast.

“It is being done like a theater production but there is that psychology that millions are watching. In the end, whether you are acting in a theater or in front of cameras, you just forget all of that and do the work,” explains the 57-year-old actress. She hopes that this project will spark an interest in people to do theater.

Today, besides acting, Eve Plumb works as a painter with her art being showcased at galleries across the U.S.

The TV Musical 'Grease: Live' Premiered on Fox on Jan. 31

Grease: Live also stars Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough, Broadway actor Aaron Tveit High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, singer-talk show host Keke Palmer, and pop singer Carly Re Jepsen.

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