Eva Longoria Tells How to Spice Up Your Bedroom

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Eva Longoria has some tips for putting some life back into you bedroom. Her suggestions may seem a little simplistic at first, but she says she learned a lot from her mother.

When it comes to livening up your bedroom, Eva Longoria suggests changing your bedding. She says this is effective because it is “the center piece of the bedroom.”

Of course, Eva Longoria has some more specific tips in that regard. “You can easily put a pop of color to brighten it in the summer, do a black-and-white in the winter to be a little bit more modern,” she said.

She suggests decorative pillows.

“I really love beading on pillows that is delicate and not overdone because the pillow has to be functional,” Eva Longoria told People. “I have some throw pillows in my house that you can’t sit on because you may get cut, but they’re pretty. They have this Indian silver beading. I’m always like ‘Ow! I think I just cut myself.’ I love light beading, light embroidery—just enough to give the pillows a pop.”

“My mom always told me, ‘Make a house a home,'" she says, "and that’s a very big difference.”

Eva Longoria's tips came at the launch of her Eva Longoria Home Collection for JCPenney in L.A.

“This is a natural extension of what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to do a home line,” Eva Longoria said.

She says that her products are intended to be used and functional, not just some fancy stuff with a name on it that you would be afraid to get comfortable on.

“Sometimes you go to people’s homes and you don’t want to sit on the couch and you don’t want to use the throw and you don’t want to touch the throw pillows,” she said. “This is a very functional line you can really use it and beat it up.”

When it comes to getting Eva Longoria off her feet, she admits a fondness for her Solana line.

“It’s so calming to me and whenever I look at it. It invites me to lay in it!”

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