Eva Longoria Dishes on 'Go Sebastian Go!' and Its Subject, the Boy 'With the Golden Voice' Who Graciously Faced His Racist Haters

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Eva Longoria is hoping to show a different side of sports through her ESPN's Versus series, including Go Sebastien Go!, which follows the real-life story of a young America's Got Talent finalist who faced racist criticism after singing the national anthem dressed in a mariachi outfit at the 2013 NBA Finals.

Eva Longoria is the producer and director of ESPN Films' Versus, which will document sports stories outside the norm.

"I think it's important to show other sides of sports," she said in an interview for First Take on ESPN Friday morning. "It's not about the wins and losses on the field or on the court, it's about the wins in life -- and the wins that actually change the paths of others."

Go Sebastien Go! was shown at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, after which Eva Longoria told MSNBC that the way the 11-year-old known as the "boy with the golden voice" handled the Twitter hate "was the real story."

"The world isn't perfect, but the world is good," Sebastian De La Cruz told haters via social media. "Even though bad things happen, the world will always be good."

Eva Longoria said the boy's positive attitude created a passion in the actress to get his story out.

Eva Longoria is also working on a new NBC comedy currently called Telenovela.

"We've been producing and developing it for about two years," she told Parade magazine. "The show is so funny and I love my cast and crew."

"Going back to television in this climate in which the way people view content is so different. That's going to be interesting," said Eva Longoria. "Social media is such a big part of our lives now...so it's going to be fun."

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