Eva Longoria and Ex-Boyfriend Eduardo Cruz Back Together?

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It's only been a month or so since actress, Eva Longoria made her declaration opposing any thoughts of love, marriage, and children in her life. However, this weekend's turn of events may prove that this is definitely not the case. On Saturday, the “Desperate Housewives” actress was spotted at a diner in New York City with her ex-boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz.

E! News reports that they received the 'juicy details' directly from the exclusive diner, Serafine, where the two had dinner. While speculation quickly began to circulate about the nature of their date, the answers quickly came through observation. According to the diner, the two were 'all over each other.'

A source from the diner shared a vivid 'play-by-play' on the interaction between the two. "After a bit, they started holding hands and kissing," the source said. "Then, they began full on making out. They were seated a table out in the open at the front of the restaurant. They didn't seem to care who saw them," confirmed the source.

"They were very cute together, holding hands and giving each other little kisses," another source informed E! News. "They were adorable. Eva was in a great mood, huge smile on her face and very kind to the staff."


While this love connection may be new for some, it's actually not the first time these two have dated. Their love affair has been on and off for quite some time. Longoria and the “Devious Maids” executive producer suffered their first break-up in March of 2012. However, they slowly found their way back to each other shortly after, only to separate again later that summer. They were last seen together when Cruz was spotted leaving Longoria's LA home in January of this year, as they parted separately. Now, it looks like they're back at it again. Hopefully, things work out for the best this time around.

Maybe Longoria was only referring to the opposition of any “new” love connections. No one knows for sure. But, time will definitely tell whether this reconnection is strictly innocent, or the start of something beautiful.

Image(s) via Twitter | Eva Longoria & Facebook | Eduardo Cruz


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