Eva Longoria, America Ferrera: Not All Latinas Are the Same

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Eva Longoria and America Ferrera used humor to get their point across--and diss presidential hopeful Donald Trump--while serving as presenters at Sunday's Golden Globes.

Host Ricky Gervais helped set them up for their hilarious sketch.

"Eva Longoria and America Ferrera aren't just beautiful talented actresses, they're also two people who your future president Donald Trump can't wait to deport," he said right before the Telenovela and Superstore stars, respectively, took the stage.

"Hi, I'm Eva Longoria, not Eva Mendes," Longoria said.

"And hi, I'm America Ferrera, not Gina Rodriguez," Ferrera said.

"Nope. Well said, Salma," America Ferrera said, in reference to Salma Hayek, who is Mexican-American.

"Thank you, Charo," Eva Longoria replied, mentioning the Spanish-American actress/singer.

The joke was likely initiated because the Golden Globes Twitter account mixed up Ferrera and Rodriguez in now-deleted tweets when announcing the Golden Globes nominations earlier in December. Eva Longoria--a hardcore Democrat--not doubt wanted to get digs in at Donald Trump for his remarks about Mexicans made earlier in his campaign.

Did you catch Eva Longoria and America Ferrera on stage Sunday night at the Golden Globes? What did you think of their implication that not all Latinas are the same?

The two presented not only a Golden Globe award, but some of the funniest comedy of the evening.

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