Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler Had Sex Without Touching?

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Eva Braun and her lover and eventual husband, Adolf Hitler, may have had some weird intercourse tendencies according to novelist Martin Amis.

Amis is an award-winning author and historical researcher of everything Nazi and Hitler.

His first book on the subject, written 23 years ago, was Time’s Arrow and covered many aspects of Hitler's life, Eva Braun, and Nazi Germany.

However, his latest novel, Zone of Interest, explores an aspect of his life that is a little more controversial.

Amis asserts that Hitler, in his germophobia, was asexual and achieved orgasm simply by watching Eva Braun lift her skirt from a distance.

His exact words were, Hitler "would fortify his underpants with clean serviettes and then would go into some form of excitation with Eva Braun at a safe distance. I imagine Eva would stand a good distance away and lift her skirt and then there would be some sort of soggy climax on Hitler’s part and that would be that."

Interestingly enough, Amis says Hitler's sexuality has always been a question that is hotly debated, but is one thing that sets him apart from other power-hungry leaders in history.

He said of Eva Braun's lover, "With Stalin or Mao there is clear pattern seigniorial behaviour - of having a big appetite – but with Hitler there is absolutely nothing."

He explains that Hitler was "not quite the full quid", or crazy, if you're American.

"In Hitler studies there are three schools of thought about Hitler’s sexuality. One is normality but I think you can boot out that consideration immediately. Can you see Eva Braun relishing a post coital cigarette? Can you consider Hitler’s tender foreplay, a considerate and energetic lover? No you can’t begin to imagine that."

Eww. Who would want to imagine that?

Amis insists that, though Hitler's sexuality with Eva Braun has always been in question, there is really only one realistic option.

"But there are no real clues about his sexuality - except that he wouldn’t take his clothes off, even for his physician and he was almost fanatical about cleanliness, which suggests to me asexuality plus."

What do you think? Do you have a theory about Hitler's weird sexual preferences with Eva Braun?

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