Europe Gets An Envy-Inducing Collector's Edition For Resident Evil 6

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I'll be honest here - I spend way too much money on collector's editions of my favorite games. If there's a collector's edition, I'm probably going to end up getting it for all the awesome swag that it contains. There has been a disturbing trend recently, however, that makes me rethink my long-term plans of staying in the United States.

Capcom announced some special editions of Resident Evil 6 for the U.S. a while back that included digital versions of all the past games in the series. It was a pretty awesome set and a pretty good deal at $90 for those who haven't played the past games in the franchise. What about those of us who are Resident Evil diehards though? The fans who have been with the franchise since the awesome N64 port of Resident Evil 2? Where's our special edition? It's apparently only coming to Europe.

The Capcom Europe blog announced the existence of an absolutely amazing collector's edition for Resident Evil 6. It contains an absolutely mind-blowing amount of awesome stuff that makes the U.S. collector's edition for Resident Evil 5, which I purchased for $90, seem like utter trash.

The RE6 CE for Europe comes with the game in one of those wonderful steelbook cases, a hardcover art book, download codes for avatar gear on the Xbox 360 or a dynamic theme on the PS3, emblem insignias for the three main characters, an Ivy University Tall Oaks hoody and an awesome "Needle Bomb" box that houses all of it.

Like I said, I'm seriously questioning my nation of origin at this point. If Capcom thinks so little of us that we only get a couple of digital games and not something as awesome as this, I feel a little insulted. Of course, Capcom has not announced all of their plans for the U.S. market yet, but it does sound like this particular collector's edition is going to stay Europe-only for the time being.

If you are one of the lucky ones to be born to European parents, you can pick up this awesome collector's edition in the UK, France and Germany from select retailers. You may want to start saving now, because I'm sure it's going to cost a pretty pound sterling/euro.

We'll keep you up to date if Capcom decides to start treating U.S. citizens like normal people. Between Japan getting the awesome $1,200 leather jacket special edition and this, it just seems like they don't care about the gamers who put the original Resident Evil on the spot. Maybe they need a reminder that it has been U.S. gamers who continuously pump more money into the Resident Evil franchise than any other territory. Just a thought.

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