Erin Andrews Talks Dating Life with Jarret Stoll


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Erin Andrews and boyfriend Jarret Stoll both have extremely busy schedules. Andrews hosts Dancing with the Stars, of course, but she also reported for Fox Sports. Stoll plays hockey for the New York Rangers.

So when they do get time to go on dates, Andrews says they have to make sure it's "comfy cozy."

"We love going out to eat and that's our word, 'comfy cozy.' We like to find a good comfy cozy spot with candles, just to see each other. Because we don't get to really see each other 'cause he's in the middle of his season and, as I remind him all the time, 'Babe, I have two jobs. You just have one,'" said Andrews backstage at the DWTS finale.

"We signed a lease on a new apartment and we went to go celebrate at Shake Shack. Very romantic. We loved it. Vanilla milk shake!"

It's nice to see the rich and famous appreciate a good Shake Shack date.

They're just like us!

Love this city ❤️?

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Andrews has been in the news recently due to some unhappier circumstances.

Erin Andrews is asking for a giant sum in a negligence lawsuit centered around the leaked nude video of her that went viral in 2009.

Andrews first filed the lawsuit against Marriott International (and several other defendants) in 2011, but the trial will begin in February of next year. Court documents recently revealed that she is seeking $75 million in damages.

Andrews claims that Marriott is liable in her privacy violation. Mainly, Andrews says that Marriott not only informed her stalker that she would be staying at the hotel, but also granted his request to book a room next to hers.