Erin Andrews Says She's Uncertain About Future With Boyfriend Jarret Stoll

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Erin Andrews opened up about her relationship with hockey player Jarret Stoll and future plans in a recent interview with Redbook.

Andrews admitted she does not know if she and Stoll will end up together. Stoll was arrested for drug possession in April and since then their relationship has been rocky. After the incident, Stoll had a plea deal and helped create a hockey program to reach out to at-risk kids as his community service.

The Dancing WithThe Stars host  said she was clueless as to what the future holds for them. "We're brought up thinking our lives are going to be a Taylor Swift song. Then you get older and wiser. You don't know what is going to bring you happiness," Andrews told Redbook October 2015 issue.

Andrews was determined to have a family of her own whether or not she ends up with Stoll.

"I happen to be one of those women who thinks it is possible to have it all. All of my friends from college and high school have three kids now. I'm not even engaged! I hope to have that, but look at what I've done: I've hopefully had a hand in opening the door for other women. I believe family is the next step."

When asked about the most difficult thing she has encountered in her entire career, she told Redbook that she experienced being stalked. According to her, many people did not take the situation seriously. She took legal actions but people just perceived it as a means to become famous.

Andrews said she has learned to shrug off all the criticisms thrown at her especially after her boyfriend’s drug-related arrest.

The journalist will appear on the cover of Redbook along with Gabrielle Union and Maria Menounos for the October 2015 issue.

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