Erin Andrews: Jury Selection Begins In Stalking Case

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Erin Andrews will have her day(s) in court and they are coming soon.

On Monday, a jury was being selected in Erin Andrews' trial against a Nashville hotel which she says is responsible for making her location known to 50-year-old Michael David Barrett and allowing him to book rooms next to her in 2008.

He then recorded video of Erin Andrews undressing through various peepholes and posted them online.

Erin Andrews was working for ESPN at the time and in Nashville for a Vanderbilt football game when the recordings took place.

#tbt Love pregame chattzys

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Erin Andrews is suing for $75 million in damages.

Michael David Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking Erin Andrews and shooting the videos in 2009. He served 30 months in prison and now lives in Oregon.

While Erin Andrews' looks have garnered her a lot of attention and unfortunately made her a target in the eyes of her stalker, she doesn't like them being discussed.

She said recently of the double standard she faces, "I think it's hilarious when people have a problem with, 'Oh she's wearing this, she's got hair extensions. It's so funny to me that people are so worried about what I'm doing or care about how I look, and I'm working out."


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She added, "We have the best-looking guys at Fox. Michael Strahan, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw... They work out all the time. Beautiful men wearing beautiful clothes. And nobody says anything about that. That's the only time I get salty."

What do you think will become of Erin Andrews' lawsuit?

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