Erin Andrews Gets Payback From Basketballer Marshall Henderson

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They say that what goes around comes around. And that’s certainly the case for Marshall Henderson who waited two years to get back at Erin Andrews.

After Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson was suspended from the team for a failed drug test, the FOX Sports reporter took a jab at the player and tweeted “He mocking anyone now?” along with a link to a news report.

The NCAA rebel promptly fired back and warned Andrews that he’ll be remembering that particular burn with his tweet “@ErinAndrews ima save that and you will be the first person ill mock.

The suspension did hurt Henderson’s NBA dreams and for the next two years, he played in other countries, most recently in Baghdad, Iraq. But he was apparently quietly biding his time all along, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

And that opportunity happened when Andrews’ NHL player boyfriend Jarrett Stoll was arrested for having cocaine and ecstasy on his person on April 17.

The L.A Kings player was caught with 3.3 grams of cocaine and 8 grams of the substance known as Molly during a security check at the WetRepublic pool party.

Henderson was quick to capitalize on the issue and took to Twitter to take a jab at the Dancing with the Stars host.

While Henderson might find the incident amusing, it’s a good bet that Stoll is not laughing as the incident could hurt his already dwindling prospects with the L.A Kings. The athlete has been on a downwards spiral and had a career low of 17 points in 73 games this season.

Going back to Henderson, it seems his quest for vengeance has already been sated. His tweet has already been removed from his feed.

It’s so refreshing to see that not everyone has a short memory these days.

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