Erin Andrews "Comes Out of Hiding" Since Winning Peephole Lawsuit

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Erin Andrews was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live in recent days, and she equated her visit with coming out of hiding.

As she chatted with the late night host, he told her how glad he was for her that she won the peephole lawsuit filed against both the hotel in which she stayed and the man who rigged a reversed peephole and filmed her nude, later sharing that nude footage on the internet.

“I’m so happy you won,” Kimmel told Erin Andrews, assuring her he realized she couldn't talk about the case.

“Thank you, yeah, this is kind of my ‘come out of hiding‘ so why would I not want to be here,” she said.

Erin Andrews went on to share her gratitude.

"I want to thank everybody. People from all over the world, who were so supportive. There are no many nice people that reached out,” she said.

Andrews then turned to Jimmy Kimmel.

"Thank you, love you," she said.

Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million in the civil lawsuit. It's expected she might actually receive about half that amount. Michael David Barrett, the man who filmed her in her hotel room, doesn't have the means to pay out such a large sum. The rest is owed her by the Nashville Marriott, for making it so easy for Barrett to commit his crime.

Michael David Barrett was sentenced to prison and has since been released.

Erin Andrews must now try to put the pieces of her life back together again. Sharing her thanks on Jimmy Kimmel Live may very well have been her starting point.

Kimberly Ripley
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