Erin Andrews' $75 Million Lawsuit Trial Goes to Jury on Monday

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Erin Andrews spent the past two weeks in court, as her lawyer argued against the hotel that not only gave Michael Barnett the number of her hotel room, but booked him into the room next to hers as well..

It was back in 2008 when Barnett videotaped Erin Andrews via a reversed peephole he rigged. He posted the film of Erin Andrews undressing online, where it quickly went viral.

In a $75 million lawsuit, Andrews alleges the hotel is responsible for the crime taking place. Michael Barrett is named in the suit as well. It goes to a jury on Monday.

Prior to closing arguments, the judge directed a verdict against Barrett. The jury must still decide how responsible the Nashville Marriott is for the years of humiliation Erin Andrews has experienced.

Erin Andrews' attorney, Brue Broillet, asked the jury in closing arguments to imagine themselves as hotel guests.

"We turn ourselves over to hotels and their protection," he said. "Hotels need to meet reasonable expectations of security."

Do you expect Erin Andrews will win this lawsuit? How might you vote if you sat on this jury?

Kimberly Ripley
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