Eric Cantor Attacked Over Immigration Issue

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor faced attacks on Wednesday. To his opponents, he isn't conservative enough, and for that, he needs to be ousted.

The pressure was on in Richmond on Wednesday, as immigrant-rights advocates rallied at the state Capitol to urge Cantor to move on immigration reform.

The rally was led by Rep. Luis Gutierrez. He told the people, “What Eric Cantor represents is the future of the Republican Party, and if you do not give a vote on comprehensive immigration reform, let me assure you of the consequence: The Republican Party will be a party of regions, of localities.”

The rally was attended by over 70 people. They were carrying signs that read, “Eric Cantor: The One Man Blocking Immigration Reform.”

Cantor’s challenger, Republican Dave Brat, said in the June 10 primary that Cantor is working with Gutierrez in order to push immigration measures. “Eric Cantor saying he opposes amnesty is like Barack Obama saying he opposes Obamacare,” Brat said.

“Congressman Gutierrez is here to set up a great deception that will allow Eric Cantor to claim he is opposed to amnesty,” Brat stated.

Cantor has been shifting sides, but his spokesperson stated that he has been consistent on his views on the issue. With that, people are asking if Cantor has an intention of killing immigration reform, or is he on the side of reform?

Just this week, Cantor’s camp released fliers that he is opposed to and has stopped the President’s plan “to give illegal aliens a free ride.”

However, Brat quickly argued that the fliers were hiding Cantor’s real views on immigration, and that he is fighting for reform.

Eric Cantor on immigration reform

According to Ray Allen, Cantor’s campaign spokesperson, Cantor has been unwavering on his views. However, he also stated that in some instances the two sides can find common ground. He also added, “Dave Brat, on the other hand, is just lying.”

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