Eric Bolling And Geraldo Rivera Almost Come To Blows On Live TV

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Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera almost brought a whole different kind of show to Monday's episode of The Five.

Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera, along with other members of the panel were debating Donald Trump's rise in the polls amid a crowded GOP candidate field.

They were (again) talking about how Donald Trump's comments on illegal immigrants have affected the polls.

Things got heated when Greg Gutfeld referred to President Obama as a "skinny community organizer" who is running the country into the ground.


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Take a look, it's fun to watch:

Geraldo then took offense when Gutfeld brought up the death of Kate Steinle, the woman in San Francisco who was shot by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times already.

Geraldo ironically accused Gutfeld of sensationalizing the story, to which Eric Bolling fired back at Geraldo Rivera, "From a guy that exploits and sensationalizes everything, really?"

Then Geraldo yells, “Are you talking to me? You’re lucky you’re my friend or I would knock you out right now. That’s absolute BS; that’s absolute bogus BS.”

Yikes! That is some serious beef between those two.

Just last month, Eric Bolling was accused of defending Donald Trump just to get on Celebrity Apprentice.

What do you think about how close Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling came to fisticuffs on air? Who do you think would win?

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