Epic Hole-in-One at Augusta National

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Martin Kaymer had possibly the greatest hole-in-one in golfing history at a practice round this Monday for the Masters. The feat was accomplished during the "Skip It" contest as part of the pre-Masters festivities. Players attempt to skip the ball across the pond at the sixteenth hole. Most of the time it's amazing if players even make it onto the green, Kaymer did more than that.

Here it is. He is the second one to tee off.

The German golfer skipped the ball nearly the entire distance of the pond at the 16th hole before it rolls up onto the green. The crowd cheers at the amazing feat of just keeping the ball out of the water, until they realize it actually has a chance of going in. The ball rolls past the hole, then turns around, slowly creeping toward the hole before finally dropping. And the crowd goes wild.

It's too bad the shot was not in the actual tournament, in the view of the professional cameras and the public, but this amateur video on YouTube captures it pretty well. The original video only has about 19,000 views right now, but it only happened two days ago.

Vijay Singh accomplished the stunt in 2009, only to finish 30th in the tournament. Hopefully for Kaymer, that kind of bad luck doen't rub off.


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