Epic Citadel Shows What Android Can Do With Unreal Engine 3


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Very few Android games could be classified as technical marvels. You could argue the same for iOS, but the platform has at least received a number of technically impressive titles running on Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, including Epic Citadel. Now that very same title has made the jump to Android.

Epic Games announced that Epic Citadel, its Unreal Engine 3 tech demo, is now available for Android devices. This new version of the title brings with its a new benchmarking mode and updated visuals. The former will be especially useful for those who want to test how Unreal Engine 3 performs on various Android devices.

The release of Epic Citadel for Android may be hinting that Epic and Chair will be bringing Infinity Blade to Android gamers as well. The series has been tremendously popular on iOS, and it would undoubtedly be just as much appreciated on Android devices.

You can grab Epic Citadel today from either Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. The iOS version of the game was also updated today with support for the iPhone 5, fourth-generation iPad and fifth-generation iPod Touch.

[h/t: Droid Life]