Enraged Woman Pops Man’s Testicle Out

It sounds like something from a Troma movie, but according to reports by Huffington Post and the Shelby Star, 35-year old Joyce Maxine Gregory allegedly got so angry during an argument with a 59-year old man that she grabbed him between the legs and squeezed until one of his testicles popped out of his scrotum.

Police in North Carolina responded to a call early Saturday morning and arrived to find the victim, whose name is being withheld, bleeding from that highly sensitive area. When officers looked closely, they saw a horrifying sight.

The police report states that Officer M.L. McPherson found that the victim’s “scrotum had been split open,” and that “I was also able to observe one of the subject’s testicles protruding from the scrotum area.”

If you’re a guy and you’re still reading this, I applaud you. I promise, you’ve just made it through the worst part.

Apparently the two had been arguing, and when things got heated, the man went to call police to have Gregory removed from his apartment. Before he could, however, she grabbed him and wouldn’t let go.

The brutality of the assault–and the freakishly strong grip of Gregory–makes me wonder if this story will have a connection down the road to all the horrifying “bath salts” incidents being reported all over the country. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not associating this story to any of those and I’m not saying Gregory was even under the influence when it happened, as nothing of the sort has been reported. I’m simply pondering the ramifications of a drug that makes people extremely violent and strong–as evidenced in several cases with bath salts–and what it could mean for our society down the line. Face-eating is bad enough, but when you start crushing people’s internal organs with one hand, that’s a whole new level of scary.

At any rate, Gregory is being held on $20,000 bond on charges of malicious castration and assault inflicting serious bodily injury. The victim is reported to have received stitches and isn’t expected to suffer any long-term damage. The nightmares will be bad enough.

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