Engagement Rings- The Pros And Cons Of Valentine's Day Engagements


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Valentine's Day is one of the most popular times to get engaged. Not only is the mood already set, but you can kill two birds with one stone by buying your girlfriend an engagement ring on Valentine's Day. Chances are you will already be enjoying some place romantic, so why not get down on one knee and make it official? Before you pop the big question, consider the pros and cons of a Valentine's Day engagement.

For the rest of your life or at least your marriage, you will have to make sure Valentine's Day gifts are good enough to cover the holiday and your anniversary. You will also have to fight the crowds at restaurants, hotels and theaters and all of the other young lovers who are trying to wow each other with the same romantic gestures. Are you sure you are up for it?

Yes, a Valentine's Day engagement sounds romantic but it also sounds a little cliché. How many couples do you know that were engaged on Valentine's Day? It almost makes it seem like a copout, considering you will have to do very little to set the stage for the engagement. When you look back on your engagement or share the story with your children in 15 years will you still think it's romantic?

If you are going to ask your girl to marry you, make sure it is for the right reason. Valentine's Day can put a lot of pressure on couples and when you see other people buying rings and getting down on one knee, you may feel the need to do the same. If you are ready and have been considering engagement for a while, go ahead and do it, but make sure you aren't buying that ring for the wrong reason.

Jewelry is a popular Valentine's Day gift and this can either help or hurt your wallet. Many stores offer amazing Valentine's Day deals and sales. Others, take advantage of the procrastinators and the desperate and will hike their prices up, knowing most guys won't take the time to shop around or compare prices. If you have your heart set on a Valentine's Day engagement, take the time to get a good price on the ring.

Are you ready to leave the single life behind and put a ring on it? Valentine's Day could be the right time, just make sure you consider all of these factors and others when deciding if now is the time to propose.

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