Emoji-Laden Facebook Threat Against Police Lands Teen in Jail

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Don't threaten the police. Don't threaten the police on Facebook. Don't use a bunch of gun emojis when threatening the police on Facebook, which you're not supposed to be doing anyway. In fact, at this point, I'd advise against Facebook altogether. And emojis.

A 17-year-old Brooklyn teen was been arrested after police saw that he'd been making threats against police on Facebook – many of which contained various emojis. The ones that caught the police's attention featured the cop emoji and the gun emoji. It wasn't just the emoji that was threatening, however. Aristy posted plenty of plain-text threats as well.

DNAinfo has the specific tweets, which have since been deleted.

At 9:52 p.m. on Jan. 15, Aristy posted a photo of him with a revolver and rounds of ammunition with the caption "feel like katxhin a body right now."

Shortly after, Aristy posted "N***a run up on me, he gunna get blown down,' followed by an emoji of a police officer with three gun emojis pointed at it, according to a criminal complaint.

And at 11:05 p.m., Aristy posted "F**k the 83 104 79 98 73 PCTKKKK," followed by the police officer emoji with two gun emojis pointed at it, the DA's office said.

He then wrote "U know how I rock skrap."

It appears this is a trend. On January 4 Aristy posted this. It's yet to be deleted.

Aw, isn't that just the cutest little terroristic threat you've ever seen?

Upon Aristy's arrest, police found a .38 caliber handgun and a significant amount of pot. He's been booked on charges of making terrorist threats, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal use of drugs, and criminal possession of marijuana.

According to police, Aristy has a lengthy record – 12 prior arrests.

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